Jake Anderson

Motion Designer | Dynamic Visual Expert 🎥

350 / Day
8 to 15 years
Toronto, ON

With a creative spark ignited over 8 years ago, I've been dedicated to crafting fluid, powerful visuals for a variety of clients and industries. As a Motion Designer, I've served numerous industries ranging from entertainment to technology, creating captivating designs that encapsulate audiences and strengthen brand narratives.

🎬 My passion began with a simple video editing task. Today, it has morphed into an extensive love affair with Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and several other design tools that empower me to deliver top-tier animations.

🖥️ I firmly believe that a compelling visual story can speak louder than any words, and I take pride in developing unique, creative solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

💼 My motion design expertise covers areas like animated infographics, explainer videos, logo animations, product advertisements, and more.

📲 Let’s chat if you’re eager to infuse your project with compelling motion graphics. I'm open to both short-term gigs and long-term partnerships.

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Motion Graphics
UX/UI Design
Video Editing
Cinema 4D
2D/3D Animation

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