Terms and Conditions of Freel

Last Updated: August 12, 2023

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Freel's Platform, located at https://freel.ca/. By accessing this platform, we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Freel if you do not agree to accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

The terminology in this agreement is consistent with the definitions provided in the Freel's terms: "Client", "You" refers to the user, whereas "The Company", "We", and similar terms refer to Freel. The entirety of this agreement is subjected to the prevailing law of France.

  1. Introduction

By using Freel’s Services, you're agreeing to the outlined terms. These conditions govern your use, from website browsing to application interaction, and any form of content you engage with.

  1. Who may use the services

You can use Freel only if you can form a binding contract with Freel Inc. and aren't barred from these services under applicable laws.

  1. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy, available at https://freel.ca/privacy-policy, provides a deep dive into how your data is handled. Remember, by using Freel, you're giving a nod to this policy.

  1. Content on the services

You are the captain of your ship here. That means you're accountable for any content you sail into our services and its adherence to laws and regulations.

  1. Using the services

Play by the rules. Abide by these terms and all the legal jargons that come with it. Keep in mind, Freel is ever-evolving, like the tide – sometimes calm, sometimes robust.

  1. Payments

Embracing our Premium? Great! Just make sure to settle any associated fees and taxes. Unsettled payments might result in your Premium setting sail without you.

We rely on Stripe for financial transactions. Your credit card info? Safe with Stripe, not on our servers. When using Stripe, remember you're also saying 'aye' to their terms and policies.

6.1 Currency

Payments sail in the currency of United States Dollars (USD). If your treasures are in other denominations, be aware of conversion rates and possible fees.

  1. Disclaimers and limitations of liability

Our services come without any promises or warranties. Neither Freel nor our partners bear responsibility for any damage, unless expressly stated.

  1. General

This agreement, in tandem with our Privacy Policy and other related accords, forms the entire bond between you and Freel.

  1. Termination

We have the right to lower the anchor on our services to you, anytime. Should you wish to end this voyage, just stop using Freel.

  1. Dispute resolution

Any storms or rough seas in the form of disputes will be settled under French laws and courts.

  1. Amendments

Freel can modify these terms as we navigate through time. It’s up to you, mate, to keep an eye on any changes.

  1. Miscellaneous

Parts of these terms, if found overboard (invalid), won’t sink the whole ship. The journey continues.

  1. Contact

Plot a course to us if questions arise:

Freel Inc. 7109 rue Garnier, H2E 1Z8

Email: hello@freel.com

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