Discover Freel: The Heartbeat of Canadian Freelancing

Where Canada's freelance community comes together, empowered by tools designed to redefine the essence of freelancing.

Welcome to Freel, where the heartbeats of Canadian freelancers find their rhythm.

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Panoramic view of Montreal

Our Journey

Born out of a rich tapestry of experience and innovation in the digital realm, Freel is a culmination of 5 years of understanding the unique nuances, joys, and challenges that come with being a freelancer in Canada. Hailing from the bustling and vibrant streets of Montreal, our founder — an enigmatic figure with a blend of development and marketing expertise — envisioned a platform where freelancers don't just survive but thrive.

Why Freel?

For years, the freelance community in Canada has been a sprawling network of talented individuals, each charting their own course. However, the path isn't always straightforward. Juggling between multiple tools for invoices, chasing contracts, managing tasks, or keeping an eye on the taxing tax details could be overwhelming. Freel offers a solution — a seamless, all-in-one platform tailored for the unique Canadian market.

Here's what we bring to your workstation:

  1. Send invoices: With a few clicks, professional invoices ready to roll.
  2. Sign contracts: No more back-and-forths. Secure, digital, done.
  3. Manage Projects & Tasks: Your personal dashboard to stay ahead of deadlines.
  4. Manage Clients: Keep all your client information in one handy space.
  5. Secure Payments: Get paid without a glitch, every single time.
  6. Tracking my Time: No more guesswork, every minute accounted for.
  7. Administer my Taxes: Designed keeping Canadian laws in mind — say goodbye to last-minute tax stress.
  8. Automate Workflows: Streamlined operations, so you focus on what you do best.

More Than Just a Tool

But Freel isn’t just a SaaS platform. We understand that the freelance world thrives on visibility and connections. Thus, we’ve also introduced a curated marketplace. Here, freelancers can craft a compelling public profile, making it easier for recruiters and clients to discover Canada's finest talents.

Our Promise

Our ethos is simple — to empower freelancers with the right tools and opportunities, ensuring that they always have an edge in this dynamic landscape. With Freel, you’re not just getting a platform; you’re joining a community. A community that respects expertise, values time, and is committed to making the freelance journey less arduous and more rewarding.

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