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  • Secured Payments, Guaranteed Work Enjoy the confidence of secure, protected payments for every project, ensuring your hard work is always rewarded, whether you're billing by the hour or by the project.

  • Invoicing Simplified: With Freel, managing your invoices is a breeze, and keeping an eye on your earnings is effortless, thanks to our intuitive financial dashboard designed for your convenience.

  • Earn First, Pay Later: Commit to your projects with the assurance that Freel's service fees are only charged once you've securely received your earnings—so you can focus on what you do best without the upfront cost.

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  • Stripe-Ensured Security: Rely on the strength of Stripe Connect Standard for all your payment processing on Freel, where every transaction is underpinned by one of the most reliable payment infrastructures in the world.

Questions & Answers

Explore the common questions and answers about Freel


Is Freel free for freelancers to join?

Absolutely! Joining Freel is free. You can create your profile, browse gigs, and receive offers without any upfront costs. A nominal service fee is only charged when you earn, keeping our platform accessible for everyone.


How can I enhance my visibility to potential clients on Freel?

Optimize your Freel profile with a comprehensive portfolio, detailed service descriptions, and client reviews. Stay active, engage with the community, and consider our premium features for increased exposure.


What kind of projects can I find on Freel?

Freel hosts a wide range of projects from Canadian businesses across various industries. Whether you're looking for short-term tasks or long-term contracts, you’ll find opportunities that match your skill set.


Can I build a long-term career on Freel?

Definitely! With Freel's robust marketplace, you can establish lasting relationships with clients, receive recurring work, and steadily grow your freelance career in Canada’s thriving economy.


What payment methods are available on Freel?

Freel offers diverse payment options for your convenience, including direct deposit, e-transfer, PayPal, and more—all secured through Stripe Connect Standard.


Do I need to pay to submit proposals on Freel?

No, Freel does not charge freelancers to submit proposals to gigs. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with clients and secure work.


What support does Freel offer to help me succeed?

Freel provides resources, tools, and customer support to guide you. Our platform is designed to help you grow your freelance business with confidence and success.


Is Freel suitable for freelancers at all experience levels?

Yes, Freel welcomes both seasoned professionals and those new to freelancing. We offer a variety of gigs that cater to different experience levels and skill sets.

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