Sehar Noman

Software Engineer and UI/UX Designer

20 /day
3 to 7 years
Ottawa, ON

Certainly! Let’s create a captivating bio for Sehar, who is both a talented software developer and a creative UI/UX designer. 🌟

👩‍💻 Sehar: Software Developer & UI/UX Designer 👩‍🎨

🌟 About Me: I’m Sehar, a passionate tech enthusiast with a flair for design. My journey began with lines of code and evolved into crafting delightful user experiences. Whether I’m debugging a complex algorithm or sketching wireframes, I thrive on solving problems and creating elegant solutions.

🚀 My Superpowers:

  • Code Whisperer: Fluent in Python, JavaScript, and Java. I turn ideas into functional software with a sprinkle of magic.

  • Pixel Perfectionist: Obsessed with clean interfaces, intuitive navigation, and pixel-perfect designs.

  • Empathy Engineer: My psychology background helps me understand users’ needs and emotions, translating them into seamless interactions.

  • Collaboration Ninja: I thrive in cross-functional teams, bridging the gap between developers and designers.

Key Informations

Full remote


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