Asif Chowdhury

VFX,GFX,Logo Designer

1000 /day
+ than 15 years
Toronto, ON

👋 Hello! I'm Asif, a passionate [logo designer] with a flair for logo making or GFX design. 🚀 🌟 About Me: I thrive on [mention something you're passionate about, e.g., creativity, problem-solving, learning new things]. With a background in [your field or industry], I bring a unique blend of [your skills] to the table. Skills: [Logo Designer] [GFX Designer] [VFX Designer] 🎓 Education: I hold a degree in GFX Design Degree from Creative IT. My academic journey has equipped me with a solid foundation in creative IT. 💼 Professional Experience: In my 3 years of experience,

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