Angèle Eguienta

Social Media Strategist | Marketing & Communication Maven 🍏

190 /day
3 to 7 years
Montreal, QC

With 5 transformative years in the digital domain, I've deftly navigated the realms of Social Media Management, Food Studies, and Marketing & Communication. My ardor for food studies empowers me to curate bespoke social media strategies for the F&B industry, ensuring each culinary tale is narrated with zest and authenticity.

Blending the intricate art and science of food with the dynamic tapestry of digital marketing, I've become a go-to expert for brands keen on serving both palate and digital appetites. My narratives are not just stories; they are experiences, brewed with a meticulous balance of knowledge, creativity, and market insights.

Whether you're an emerging food-tech venture, an iconic F&B establishment, or on the lookout for a digital maestro who can weave gastronomic tales like no other, I'm your person.

Let's connect and cook up some digital wonders together!

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