Akiva Bacovcin

End-to-End AI Freelancer | Data Scientist | ML/NLP Expert

800 / Day
3 to 7 years
Montreal, QC

With over a decade of experience in the AI landscape, I am an end-to-end AI freelancer dedicated to guiding clients through the entire lifecycle of AI projects. From feasibility testing to prototyping, productization, and pipeline optimization, I specialize in delivering impactful solutions across engineering, science, and technology sectors.

🔍 Expertise:

  • End-to-End AI Solutions

  • Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Data Science & Statistical Modeling

  • Software Development & System Architecture

🎓 Education:

  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

  • Data Science Certification, Coursera

💼 Highlights:

  • Successfully designed, built, and tested SaaS features and phone apps incorporating ML techniques.

  • Proven track record in maintaining and enhancing enterprise code bases.

  • Adept at fixing bugs in legacy software

💡 Passionate About:

  • Taking software ideas to completion

  • Finding innovative solutions to hard problems

🤝 Core Values: Collaboration | Integrity | Performance | Confidentiality

Key Informations

Full remote
⏳ Preferred duration:
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Akiva's Portfolio

The Audio-Aligned and Parsed Corpus of Appalachian English (AAPCAppE)
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Medi-call (Medical telehealth app)
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AnalyticsGPT (Social Media Monitoring SaaS)
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